Welcome to Two Many Green Thumbs! My name is Kelly, my boyfriend Jhett and I started TMGT as a way of sharing our gardening experiences with others, and making connections with other home gardeners. We were drawn to gardening by the desire to become more self sufficient by growing our own food. Both of us also enjoy “working” in the dirt, so that’s another bonus.

Jhett built our first garden bed in the summer of 2015 as a gift to me for my 25th birthday. He always comes up with the most thoughtful and practical gifts (I have also received a lifeproof phone case because I kept breaking my phones). He’s a big sweetheart. Anywho, by that fall we had started our first garden.

The season certainly did not go as well as we intended…to get the full scoop, check out our article, tips for new gardeners. From that experience, we definitely learned some lessons and could not wait to try again in the spring. Gardening is not about getting it right the first time; it is about trying your hardest, learning from the mistakes, and hoping for the best.

We were officially bit by the garden bug, and we learn things from each season as well as from other gardening blogs and websites. Here at TMGT we don’t shy away from a challenge. We try, maybe make a bit of a mess, then we try it again. Thanks for checking out our site and please feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments sections or you can contact us directly.