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Container Gardening

When we first sat down to brainstorm this article, we researched what types of herbs, fruits, and vegetables could be grown successfully in containers. From what we saw, it seemed like pretty much anything could be grown in a container. We have searched high and low, and we have even grown a few things in containers for ourselves.
Well, the rumors are true folks. Almost anything can be grown in almost any container. There are many reasons to choose to start a container garden. We used containers as a way to increase our gardening space, since we were renting and couldn’t dig up much of the lawn. Read More!

Companion Planting

Some plants grow better, or even best, when they have a friend to help them through (don’t we all). On the flip side, plants may also have enemies that may hinder each other’s growth. Having a diverse mix of plants in a garden reduces the likelihood of disease spreading. Some plants even help to deter garden pests. Put simply, companion planting means to plant in a way that will encourage happy relationships between plants. Read More!

Flowers from the Garden

Flowers can help take a garden from good, to great. From nice, to amazing. From fab, to fab-u-lous! They add a visual component that fruits and vegetables just cannot achieve on their own. (Of course, they are still beautiful in their own way). When chosen correctly, many flowers can attract pollinators and other beneficial critters to the garden. Some flowers, you can even eat! There really are so many reasons to grow flowers, you probably just want to go out and plant some right now. But wait! If you read on, you will get a better understanding of what flowers may be right for you, and how to use them in ways you may not have thought of before. Read more!

Fall Garden

Fall Garden, Fall gardening

Sometime in late July, many of the vegetables planted in the spring have begun to run their course. Another gardening season has passed. There have been some ups, some downs, and lots of fun. But the fun doesn’t have to stop there! This is where Fall Gardening comes in! You get to try your hand at growing another round of goodies! Read More!

Organic Vegetable Gardening

organic vegetable gardening

So what is “organic” vegetable gardening anyway? The definition can be difficult to pin down. In simple terms, it is an attempt to grow a garden that mimics a natural environment. Read more..

Update: DIY Potato Tower Project

Just wanted to update everyone on our Potato Tower Project!

Everything is surprisingly, going really well with our two Potato Towers. Being our first time growing potatoes we were pretty worried and maybe even skeptical about using the tower method. But after building our own, we have realized how easy it really is. Our Potatoes are growing very rapidly, I would say upwards of an inch or more a day(nothing compared to our tomatoes however). All of this has been accomplished with only a bit of fertilizer and consistent watering, thats it..


Growing Food On Mars

Alien watering hat stand

These Mock Martian Crops Show We Could Grow Food On Mars. The folks at a University in the Netherlands have successfully planted and harvested crops grown in simulated martian soil! Just incase humans ever need to relocate. Read More..

What is compost?


So what is compost? Well as it turns out adding compost into your garden is among the best things that you can do for the plants. There are many benefits to composting, not to mention how easy it really is. Read More..

Tomato Gardening Tips

tomato gardening tips

If you ask any experienced gardener, they will probably tell you that tomatoes are among the easiest things you can grow in your garden. Read More..

6 Tips For Beginning Gardeners

Planning is one of the most important and possibly the most overlooked aspect of gardening. Proper planning could make for a much easier and more successful growing season. We have narrowed it down to 4 important things…Read More

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